2-Piece Rake and Pickup System

All-Purpose Yard Necessity

LeafMate's patented rake system unites a traditional rake with a sliding catcher "scoop" to easily pick up leaves and other yard waste. This system makes yard cleanup faster and easier than ever before, while eliminating the need to bend over. Sized perfectly to work with our Yard Waste Bag Funnel, the 2-Piece Rake makes easy work of yard chores.

  • Saves Time – Picks up 10 times more leaves than by hand
  • Easy to Use – Eliminates bending over
  • Versatile – Picks up everything – leaves, pine needles, sticks, even trash
  • Long Lasting – Built-in durability for season after season use
  • Great Value – Competitively priced and manufactured in the USA

How do you use the 2-Piece Rake and Pickup system? Check out our FAQs.


How-To Video