About the Inventor

Fred DeSanti, a retired New York police officer, knew there had to be a better way. One day watching his son Michael struggle to rake leaves for his landscaping business, Fred thought there should be a better way to pick up yard waste without bending over. While there were a number of gadgets on the market, Fred could not find a well-built, versatile tool to make yard cleanup faster and easier. After several months of "tinkering," as Fred would say, the patented LeafMate 2-Piece Rake and Pickup System was born.

As Fred shared his new patented rake system, he became aware of the frustrations with using paper yard waste bags, which are required in many cities. Fred's passion to see a problem and find a better solution kicked in, and he worked with his son Michael to design the patent-pending LeafMate Yard Waste Bag Funnel. Like the 2-Piece Rake and Pickup System, homeowners and retailers immediately recognized Fred's innovative approach to making yard cleanup faster and easier.

What problem will Fred and the LeafMate team solve next? Stay tuned!

Fred DeSanti