Collapsible Bag Holder

LeafMate's Collapsible Bag Holder takes the headache out of filling 33-55 gallon plastic or biodegradable waste bags. Our unique pop-up bag holder is constructed of heavy-duty polyester with a washable PVC liner and features an elastic cord to hold the bag open and upright. The bottomless design provides versatility to accommodate nearly all plastic waste bags 33-55 gallons. Once filled, the bag holder can easily be pulled or collapsed from the packed bag. It’s perfect for use in the yard, around the home, in the garage and even at the tailgate.

  • Easy to Use – Elastic cord keeps plastic bag open and in place
  • Versatile – Bottomless design to accommodate plastic bags 33 – 55 gallons
  • Compact – Lightweight and collapsible for easy storage
  • Great Value – Use in the yard, home, job site…everywhere!

How do you use the Collapsible Bag Holder? Check out our FAQs.