LeafMate Products

2-Piece Rake and Pickup System

LeafMate's patented rake system unites a traditional rake with a sliding catcher "scoop" to easily pick up leaves and other yard waste. This system makes yard cleanup faster and easier than ever before, while eliminating the need to bend over. read more

Yard Waste Bag Funnel

LeafMate's patent-pending Yard Waste Bag Funnel takes the headache out of filling 30-gallon paper yard waste bags. Paper yard waste bags can be convenient, and are often required, for disposal of leaves and other yard waste. read more

Collapsible Bag Holder

LeafMate's Collapsible Bag Holder takes the headache out of filling 33-55 gallon plastic or biodegradable waste bags. Our unique pop-up bag holder is constructed of heavy-duty polyester with a washable PVC liner and features an elastic collar to hold the bag open and upright. read more