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As a retired horticulture instructor, I love trees and have several large ones on my 1/2-acre lot.

Although I enjoy gardening, I do not like raking leaves every fall and winter. Particularly when bending to collect and bag them up. I have 4 standard rakes of varying sized and compositions, but none is as easy to glide across my grass as the LeafMate rake, primarily because it allows my back to remain more upright during the raking process. Moreover, the sliding scoop allows easy pickup with minimal stress on my back, resulting in less discomfort when I call it quits. This is a wonderful tool for raking and collecting leaves.

Jerry, Blacksburg, VA

I would like to tell you that there has not been a lawn & garden product that has created as much excitement in our stores as the LeafMate rake in years! I have worked & managed here at O'Connor Tru Value Hardware for 28 years and I know a winner when I see one!!

Kevin, Billerica, MA

The LeafMate rake should be essential inventory for every tool shed and hardware store in the country. With the LeafMate, cleaning up leaves is a snap. No bending, no straining, no fumbling with messy tarps and multiple rakes. This rake does it all. It is lightweight, easy to use, very durable, and priced perfect for anyone.

Tim, Lynchburg, VA

Thank you for allowing me to rake & pick up my leaves in half the time with half the pain. You have changed raking leaves forever! I never thought raking leaves could be enjoyable until I used the LeafMate. Just the rake itself worked great, better than any rake I've ever used. When I made a pile of leaves and easily slipped the scoop on the rake for a pickup (no bending down to pickup the leaves) I was thrilled at how well it worked! I had more fun to see my neighbor's response when they saw me raking & scooping. They were really excited and asked me where I got this thing. In simple terms, thank you so much for introducing a quality product that has truly made my life easier.

Dave, Huntington, NY

When I purchased the LeafMate, I began using it not quite sure as to how it worked. Three hours later I was done with picking up all the leaves on my property, which used to take me all day. With the way the rake is angled I found I didn't have to bend over raking and I was able to stand straight up relieving any back pains I used to get. With the pickup attachment I was able to easily pick-up leaves in hard-to-reach places. I think the LeafMate was the best lawn & garden tool I've ever purchased.

Ken, Farmingdale, NY

As a physical medicine & rehabilitation physician and a spine specialist, I have seen many patients who complain of episodes of back pain after raking leaves. In the mechanics of raking, many people bend and twist at the waist, which can be very stressful on the spine. When using the LeafMate, I was able to transfer the workload to my arms and barley use my back at all. I would definitely recommend this ergonomic rake to people trying to avoid back pain.

Carolyn, Cleveland OH

As a retailer at the same location for 45 yrs, I have seen new products come and mostly go. But the new rake by LeafMate stands near the top. Not too many new products perform the way they are advertised to do. LeafMate the original scooping rake does. We have sold quite a few and haven’t had any complaints. Not one was returned defective. It has performed the way we said it would.

Manuel, Owner, Green Lawn Hardware Co, Green Lawn, NY

When I started to clean up the yard I thought the job would be long and boring, as always, until I began to use my new LeafMate. The rake allows a person to do the job without bending or hurting one's back. The more I raked, the more I felt that the job would be easily accomplished. After making a few piles, I proceeded to pick up the leaves from the ground, and I was amazed by the way two parts of the rake came together and grabbed the piles; it was like having two extra hands. In no time the whole yard was showing just the green grass. The job had been effortless and enjoyable and I owe it all the new LeafMate rake!


My husband was the one that suggested I try this new product (LeafMate), at first I was hesitant, expecting it to be no different than any other rake. I was wrong; I could not believe the ease in which I could gather the leaves and scoop them up. In just 10-15 minutes U had 2 extra large leaf bags filled, with no pain to my back or arms. Thank you for introducing this product into my life. I don't mind helping rake the fall leaves.

Elsie, Huntington, NY

I would like to thank you for making this product. Over the years I have tried many different ways to pick up leaves and other material. Using two rakes, a snow shovel and a rake, my hands and others all are awkward, cumbersome and dirty. This product accomplishes these tasks with ease, one tool does it all. I no longer have to worry about how I would pick up any spilled garbage or other messes. This product is great!!

Bill, Melville, NY

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